Brian Sharp / BIOGRAPHY

Brian is a 24 year old songwriter and artist who is starting his career after graduating from Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee with a degree in Songwriting and Music. He showed interest in music at an early age and began singing in the church choir and taking piano lessons. Over time Brian developed a fascination with the human voice. By the age of 17 he took classical voice lessons from Dr. Linda Banister at Augusta State University. Brian studied classical voice at the University of South Carolina where he received a vocal scholarship for two years before transferring to Belmont University where he continued vocal training with Thomas Studebaker.

Brian has been exposed to and interested in many genres of music including (but not limited to) CCM, classical, pop, rock, blues, and country. As a result of such a wide range of influences, Brian learned to find value in all expressions of music. He is currently playing writer’s rounds and shows multiple nights a week in Nashville. Brian is also writing daily, both doing solo work as well as collaborating with other writers/musicians.

Belmont University
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